Recycling Intermediate and High Voltage (IV/HV) Battery Packs from GM Hybrid, and Electrified Vehicles
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Information Package for Vehicle Dismantlers**

Version 1.3,  January 14, 2014

NOTE:   This website does not cover the recycling process for lead-acid starter batteries (12 Volts). These batteries have established collection and recycling processes.


GM hybrid, Electric, and Electrified vehicles contain an intermediate voltage (30<IV<60 volts DC) or high voltage (HV> 60 volts DC) battery pack.  Battery packs are based on either  Nickel Metal Hydride or Lithium ion cells. These battery packs can be recycled.

Comply with all federal, state/provincial, and local laws and regulations relating to the management of IV/HV batteries generated at your facility.  In certain countries, state and/or local laws can be more stringent than federal or national regulations

Read battery pack recycling instructions

**For Dealership Service Departments:  This document is only intended for vehicle dismantlers who recycle automobiles at the end of their useful life. During normal vehicle service operations, please refer to current service information manuals and bulletins for information on the return of intermediate and high voltage (IV/HV) batteries.