Recycling Intermediate and High Voltage (IV/HV) Battery Packs from GM Hybrid, and Electrified Vehicles

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Commercial Battery Recyclers

GM is aware of the following companies that are involved in the recycling of batteries. This list is provided as a starting point for dismantlers who are removing NiMH and Li-ion batteries. GM is not recommending these recyclers nor is it an exhaustive list of available recyclers.

There are also companies that will act as battery consolidators who will take batteries away from your facility and consolidate/ship them with other batteries for recycling. Consult the yellow pages or check the internet to find consolidation companies in your area. If you work with a consolidation company, make sure to ask where the consolidator sends the batteries for recycling.

United States: Battery Recyclers

In Canada: call 1-800-GM-DRIVE (1-800-463-7483)
Au Canada: appelez 1-800-GM-DRIVE (1-800-463-7483)