Recycling Intermediate and High Voltage (IV/HV) Battery Packs from GM Hybrid, and Electrified Vehicles

Table of Contents:

High Voltage Disabling and Removal of the IV/HV Battery Pack

High Voltage Disabling:
The vehicle must be disabled before proceeding with any dismantling work.  Disabling procedures can be found:

Removal of IV/HV Battery Pack

Consult the service manual for the vehicle, or qualified service personnel at your local dealership, to avoid personal injury when disabling, disconnecting and removing IV/HV battery packs. 

  • Yellow Pages: locate the nearest GM (Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, GMC) dealership.
  • Battery extraction manuals
  • Prior to conducting any work on a vehicle, it is important to disconnect all high voltage batteries.

    • CAUTION:  Many electrified vehicles still contain 12 volt batteries.